Affirmations: Why Are They So Powerful?

Leave Life Like King Size


An affirmation is defined as something declared to be true; a positive statement or judgment.

Affirmations affirm what is going on inside your mind and your heart.

The garden of our life is developed through the planting of seeds that flow from our mouth on a daily basis.

If you respond to the state of your health, wealth and love life with negative phrases you will end up with a weedy patch for a life.

The good book reveals to us clearly that ‘life and death are in the power of the tongue.’

So to ensure that life is springing up in your garden (life), begin to speak the following phrases about:

* Your health
* Your wealth
* Your love

Here are those that I speak, and I trust that they will add great value to your life as you participate.
My Health Affirmations

* Health is my portion.
* I am energetic and enthusiastic.
* My body heals fast.
* Peace is my portion.
* No matter what has been suffered by my parents health wise, I am healthy, whole and terrific.
* Good health is mine to possess.
* My mind is brimming with healthy thoughts.
* I have a sound mind and body.
* I am well and have ‘well’ days.
* I treat my body as my temple.
* I move freely and forward.
* I treat my body with respect by feeding it healthy food, drinking healthy fluids, and exercising it regularly.

My Wealth Affirmations

* I deserve to have money in the bank.
* My income increases.
* I have an excellent credit rating.
* I am a wise spender.
* I have as much money as I can receive.
* I prosper financially.
* Bills are met with joy as I pay them on time.
* I save and invest out of every dollar I earn.
* I give at least 10% of everything I earn as my way of saying thank you for the 100% received.
* My income is without limit.
* I am creative when it comes to handling money.
* I am financially literate.

My Love Affirmations

* I love me and am secure with who I am.
* Love is forever.
* Love liberates me.
* To be in love is to be safe.
* My lover is my equal.
* By taking care of myself I take care of our love.
* I overcome jealousy by developing my own self-esteem.
* People love me for who I am.
* I deserve to be loved.
* I will develop my own love pattern, not the one set by my parents or my peers.
* Loving both others and myself gets better every day.
* The more I open myself up to loving and being loved the safer I feel.
* My lover and I respect each other and the decisions we make.
* My loving relationships are long lasting.

So go forth and speak these affirmations each and every day. Be prepared for a miracle.

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