3 Ways That You Can Make A Real Difference

You Make The Difference

You Make The Difference

‘You’re significant, you’re meaningful, you matter, and you can make a difference.’ Carlos Santana

Never underestimate the power of being you. You are someone of incredible value.

You see things that others fail to see. You understand things that others fail to comprehend. You have a view of the world that is visible only to you. You have a voice that speaks truths and asks questions that arouse discussion that leads to the attainment of greater knowledge.

You are of incredible value – and here are just three things you need to know that are the currency that adds up to such a precious life.

1. Know That You’re Significant

You are not irrelevant. You are not irrational. You are not insignificant. You were born with a mission. And it is your commission to discover that mission and to fulfill that mission.

You were never formed to simply take up space and suck up the oxygen that could have been used by someone else with greater talent than yourself. Who said anything about talent? If you look at others and compare yourself with those around you, you will always come up short.

You are significant. Your actions are of vital significance. Your words are of essential significance. You being you is significant. You are significant, and without you bringing that significance to bear on our world we would be left holding insignificance in our hands. Our lives are transformed significantly by those who accept and embrace their significance, and believe and act as a significant one.

2. Know That You’re Meaningful

To be meaningful is to have a meaning or a purpose. It is to live a meaningful life. For a life lived with purpose will be lived on purpose. It has direction. It has focus. It has attached to it actionable steps that will lead towards an end, a dream, or a goal. It does not meander aimlessly. It does not wake up in wonder – wondering what to do next. It is a life lived under the direction of a compass that guides its path – no matter the terrain, no matter the weather, no matter the impossibilities of the forces that resist its progress forward.

A meaningful life pursues purpose with every footstep taken, every word uttered, every plan made, and every detour explored. For each meaningful thought is another brick added to the foundations of a life destined to be the sound architectural construction that it was destined to become.

3. Know That You Matter

To be needed is one of the most powerful concepts to drive away self-centerdness. And to know that your contribution, your involvement, your leadership, and your being is of vital importance, drives deep the pylons of ‘you can make a real difference’ into the fiber of your being.

Scientifically, matter is what makes our world a reality. Spiritually, matter is the unseen part of you that impacts the physical world that we live in.

For centuries mankind has debated as to the consistency of matter – but all arguments aside – no matter what others think or say – you matter – and it is because of that undeniable fact that you can make a real difference to your life, your families lives, and to the world that benefits greatly from your presence in it.

You, yes you, can make a real difference. So go and make a difference.

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