PHP – Take advantage of language constructs

  • Fastest things in PHP are the language constructs.

  • They are highly optimized in the interpreter

  • Don’t require calling external libraries

  • Don’t call a function if there is a language construct. As an example, using a casting operator like (int) $total is much more efficient than using the function intval($foo)

  • Function calling generate considerably amount of overhead. Using a language construct avoid

  • isset() and unset() are both language constructs, even though they mostly act like functions. However calling them does not generate the function overhead.

Some common language constructs are:

  1. echo()

  2. empty()

  3. isset()

  4. unset()

  5. eval()

  6. exit()

  7. die()

  8. include()

  9. include_once()

  10. require()

  11. require_once()

  12. return

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