Send mail from your localhost

Hello Friends !!

When you developing your site then you are facing a problem that how to send mail from your local host ?

Because when you are testing your project/site in localhost then this problem occurred. At that time you think about upload your site on server.

If you don’t want this type of uploading work and you want to test your mail form your localhost then here is the solution.

First of all open your xamp or wamp installed directory.

Then open php directory and find php.ini.

Then open this php.ini in notepad and find [mail function] in that file.

When you find it, remove semi colon before SMTP,smtp_port and sendmail_from.

Set this parameters like this :  //it indicates mail server

smtp_port=25            // it indicates port address   // it indicates mail id from which you want to send mail

After this, please stop you xamp/wamp services, do refresh and start it again.

Thats it.. Now you can send mail from your localhost..

If you have any query or any confusion then feel free to comment me.

Thanks !!

Categories: PHP

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