Increasing speed of PHP:HipHop for PHP by facebook

Facebook has released an open source project called HipHop for PHP to speed up PHP.

It is an effort to maximize the speed of PHP and to raise the standards of PHP so that it can be used at Enterprise level.

HipHop basically converts PHP code into “highly optimized C++”. Due to this CPU usage is reduced by 50% which ultimately increases the speed of any web application. This project incorporates best features of C++ and PHP. Project has been released on GitHub as an open source project.

Using HipHop in conjunction with MemCached performance of PHP can be increased.

According to the announcement,

“Overall HipHop allows us to keep the best aspects of PHP while taking advantage of the performance benefits of C++. In total, we have written over 300,000 lines of code and more than 5,000 unit tests. All of this will be released this evening on GitHub under the open source PHP license.”

Since PHP is the language used by facebook which is the largest website on internet.So this effort by facebook will surely give some prowess to PHP in terms of performance.In compare to Java and Dot net. Effect of this may be seen in the open source movement which is good for internet.

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